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Careers With Imagine

Imagine offers independent financial professionals with training, systems and access to innovative products and solutions.  Our professionals can choose the products that they want to offer to their clients, including Alternative Real Estate, Income Tax Referral Services, Estate Planning and other Alternative Investment Products.  Imagine is not captive and welcomes both seasoned professionals as well as new professionals.

"Imagine has the most unique business platform in Financial Services built for true success!"

Len Perroots

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Why Imagine

What Makes Imagine Different?

  • No Fee To Join.  We are not in the business of making money on Membership Fees.  We make money when product is sold.

  • No Recruiting Required.  While you can build an Agency, it is not required in order to advance and to become successful.

  • High Compensation.  Great personal producer compensation, overrides  and residual income!!

  • Secured Alternative Investment Products.  Help clients earn secured contractually-fixed double-digit annual returns!

  • Revenue Share.  Imagine Agents can build an incredible income stream with both Renewal Revenue Share from their own book, as well as Acquisition Revenue Share from helping us with our Accounting Firm & Financial Company acquisitions.

  • No License Required.  Our Alternative Investments, Estate Planning & Tax Referral programs allow Imagine Agents to start helping clients and start earning on day one!

World-Class Trips & Recognition

  • President's Club Rings.  All Imagine Agents who earn $100,000 and more are awarded with these incredible rings!  For each new income level, you will receive a brand new ring!  Income levels start at $100,000, subsequent rings are earned at $250,000, $500,000, $750,000 and $1 Million!

  • International Travel.  Get your passport ready!  Our next international trip is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in March 2024.  Future destinations will include Belize, Scotland, Rome and India!

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