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Retirement Plans

Your Imagine Agent can help you set up your self-directed IRA through Imagine IRA.  Through our alliance with AET, a Regulated Trust Company with over a decade of experience, Imagine IRA provides clients with a tech-forward solution with a modern portal.  Our portal is secure and compliant with industry leading security.

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Self-Directed Accounts:

  • Traditional & Roth IRAs

  • Employer or Solo 401Ks

  • Simple Employer Pensions

  • HSA & Cash Savings Accounts

Multi-Purpose Asset Custody:

  • Secured Promissory Notes

  • Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs)

  • Real Estate

  • Precious Metals

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Commodities

  • Cash & Currencies

Imagine IRA Portal.png

The Investor Portal:  A Streamlined Experience


Clients can review account snapshots, initiate deposits, withdrawals, and IRA transfers.


The Assets tab makes it easy for your users to track their history of transactions, investments, and documents related to a given asset.

Bill Pay

The Billpay feature is an empowering tool for users to easily manage third-party fees associated with their accounts or assets. A good example would be property managers, contractors, or maintenance costs for a rental property owned by an IRA.


The Invest tab is where your users can leverage their retirement and cash accounts on the system to invest in a variety of asset types. Private placements, metals, digital currencies, and real estate are a few of the supported asset classes.


Users can use the Documents hub to manage, share and store tax forms, PPMs, and much more.

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